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A5: The M16-A5 Stock Kit

  • Components of the A5 Stock Kit
  • Comparison of A5 Buffer with a standard (shorter) Carbine Buffer
  • Comparison of the A5 Receiver Extension Tube, with a standard (shorter) tube
  • Comparison of the A5 Buffer to the standard (longer) Rifle Buffer

Product Description

Vltor A5 Buffer & Recoil System - The unique design of the new buffer and receiver extension tube allow the A5 System to adapt a MilSpec EMOD Stock to any M16/AR15 rifle.

Tests show that the A5 System reduces the cyclic rate of the M4 Carbine and lowers bolt carrier velocity; and recently, extensive testing conducted on the M16A4 proved that the A5 System was the most reliable and consistent stock system available for that platform!

The A5 Buffer and Recoil Assembly was developed by Vltor Weapons for the specific needs of the U.S. Military. As the M16/AR15 series of rifles have evolved into specialized configurations, such as the SPR, M4 and Mk 18, each of these designs using a new combination of barrel and gas-systems. Attempts to universally use the standard collapsible stock on all platforms - from M16A4 to the Mk18 - have proven unreliable at best.

The A5 Buffer and Recoil System takes a new approach to this problem, providing a single collapsing stock and buffer system that can be used on all current configurations of direct impingement systems. The A5 System reduces cyclic rate on the shorter barreled rifles and maintains a much more consistent bolt velocity and rate of fire across all current issue weapons based on the M16.

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Product Reviews

  1. M16-A5 stock kit

    Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2014

    Awesome products. I kick my self for not making the A5 stock kit one of the first upgrades to my rifle. But now that I have it I don't have to lean in to the gun. I just have to hold it on target. Can't wait to see how it does at long range.

  2. M16-A5 stock kit

    Posted by Rich on 10th Apr 2014

    Best buffer tube assembly out there and a good stock as well. I need plenty more so don't buy them all up.

  3. Great Product

    Posted by Mike H. on 29th Nov 2012

    I purchased the EMOD stock and A5 buffer kit to match with my AR (that already used the CASV-M handguard).

    I've always been wary of adjustable length stocks. They always seem to have too much "wiggle" and they don't provide storage space for a cleaning rod. Because of this, I've stuck with traditional rifle-length stocks.

    When I saw the EMOD stock, I decided to give adjustable stocks one last try, and I'm glad I did. The adjustment is handy to keep the scope's eye relief in range even when wearing bulky winter clothing (or shooting from prone).

    The stock does have a little bit of "rattle", but nowhere near as much as the typical CAR stock.

    The extended cheek pieces are comfortable. (More so than even the fixed rifle stock.)

    The butterfly adjustment lever is easy to use, and it's much less likely to get bumped accidentally compared to a CAR-style lever.

    The integrated QD sling swivel mount is a nice touch. It eliminates the need for the extra webbing required to mount a tactical sling on a standard fixed rifle stock.

    The EMOD is still lightweight. My AR ended up being a few ounces lighter after I installed the kit (and removed the extra pieces from the sling.)

    The A5 buffer system works just fine with my mid-length gas system. I don't plan to frequently swap uppers, but I can see how the A5 system would be an advantage if you were constantly switching between carbine- and rifle-length systems.

    The storage compartments are designed for batteries, and are too short to fit a USGI cleaning rod. (To be fair, Vltor never claimed that it could hold a cleaning rod.) However, I'm still on the lookout for a rod with shorter sections that will fit.

    In summary: I like this stock / gas system combo and have no plans to go back to the fixed rifle stock.

  4. I only gave it 5 stars because 6 wasn't on the drop down menu

    Posted by Deputy Bruce on 20th Mar 2012

    I experimented EXTENSIVELY with various carbine buffer weights (H->H2->H3->custom SS body 6.5oz buffer) and many different recoil springs (Springco WHITE, BLUE, & RED; SSS flatwire CS; Brownells CS carbine spring).

    I run a BCM 14.5" mid-gas upper. I experimented with every single possible combination of the above listed items. Obviously, this took an extraordinary investment of time (not to mention the $$$ I wasted on the above listed items). I'll spare you all the details; the A5 system is simply superior to ANY combination that a std carbine recoil system could offer. Period.

    The A5 with the std buffer was a marked improvement over any of the above components. It provided a smoother recoil impulse and the perception of an overall reduction in perceived recoil. I then migrated to the H3 buffer and the recoil impulse was further improved. Lastly, I ordered the H4 buffer and it was a revelation. Using Federal XM193, it feels like a .22lr conversion. 100% reliability even with tula 55gr and WPA 55gr fmj ammo.

    The A5 system simply does EVERYTHING Vltor claims it does. In fact, i think they are too humble with their product literature. It's that good. Buy with confidence. Experiment with the heavier buffers at your own risk (I run an NiB coated bolt carrier and I think this contributes to my being able to run the heavier buffers and maintain 100% reliability).

  5. 6.5 Grendel shooters' best friend

    Posted by Jack on 8th Oct 2011

    6.5 Grendel uppers are great, but what many don't realize if they don't do their homework is that they can get a little unreliable with standard carbine buffer assemblies (this is confirmed by Bill Alexander as well) and sometimes need to "break in." Hearing this, and then researching the problem, I purchased an A5 system for my selected lower. From the first shot fired the carbine not only cycled 100% reliably with the A5, but when I switched the upper to a standard lower (with carbine buffer assembly), I got occasional stovepipes, double-feeds and the felt recoil was noticeably greater. Well-researched and designed, I've used the A5 with both 5.56 and 6.5 Grendel platforms with solid performance and no malfunctions. Excellent job, VLTOR.

  6. Vltor A5 System another winner.

    Posted by W.Larson on 8th Jun 2011

    I have been shooting the AR platform for almost 25 years. I have used various configurations in the military and as a contractor overseas to include work as an armorer. I have been using my Vltor A5 set up on my 11.5" SBR with an AAC M4-2000 suppressor for a few months now. The recoil impulse is much different than the previous set up using a carbine extension and H3 buffer. It is very smooth and consistent. I have also installed it on midlength AR's and again it functions as advertised. If you are truly looking for a universal system that can be used on various AR configurations this is the set up to get and it is well worth it.

  7. Nice!

    Posted by Lop-One on 22nd Apr 2011

    I recently became a fan VLTOR accessories and built an AR using all available VLTOR parts including the A5 system... I built the upper using a 16" BCM midlengh barrel and using the A5 system is a perfect match! At 100yds using 62grn 556 I remained on target with a ridiculous smooth recoil! The EMOD stock is really nice with a very comfortable cheek rest... The battery compartments on the cheek rest are cool, I use the extra compartment on the clb ft area for a small scope cloth and some L keys for accesories... I recomend the A5 system to all my buddies and plan on using one for an AR-10 build

  8. It works great!

    Posted by JohnnyRambo - Calegalmags.com on 19th Feb 2011

    As a retailer I try everything I sell so I can be sure that I am only selling quality parts and components.
    This weeks new product was the A5 Emod Stock System. It performed flawlessly. Smooth cycling, and very little recoil. Not a single malfunction of any sort. I give it my stamp of approval and will be happy to sell it to my customers knowing that it works as advertised, if not better.
    VLTOR continues to release top quality products!
    (Tested on DD 16" upper w/ mid gas system)

  9. A5 reciever extension kit

    Posted by Mike P. on 15th Jan 2011

    Mike Pannone www.CTT-Solutions.com

    I recently tested the A5 kit using the standard weight buffer on rifles from 10.5-20" and it performed just as advertised. It softens the recoil via the heavier weights and longer travel and will run on any configuration from 10.5-20". If I were outfitting an agency or department I would begin the transition to the A5 so any lower will be capable of reliably accepting any properly built AR type upper.
    I will begin to transition to that in all but the rifles I want max compactness from (8.5-11.5" SBR's)
    Mike P.

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